I am a Machine learning engineer with passion in actualizing the value of AI and proven experience in building scalable ML systems.

I am currently a Machine Learning Engineer at Snap working on Search. I live in New York . I was previously a MLE at Affirm in San Francisco, a MLE at Nextdoor in San Francisco and a MLE at Dessa, an AI startup (acquired by Square), in Toronto.

I am an avid reader. My favourite books include The Brothers Karamazov, The Count of Monte Cristo, East of Eden, Flowers for Algernon, Lolita and One Hundred Years of Solitude.

I enjoy dancing salsa and bachata.

I have a B.Sc from the University of Toronto in Math & Physics.

I am a lifelong student.

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Side Projects

Residential Real Estate Valuation

Extracted, cleaned and pre-processed over 13 million records from remote SQL database. Trained XGboost valuation model on AWS EC2.

Guide: Spark with Jupyter on AWS

A guide on how to set up Spark with Jupyter on AWS EC2 instances with S3 I/O support. Presented at Toronto Apache Spark #19.

HackOn(Data) 3rd Place Project: Optimal Digital Map Placement in Toronto

A solution for determining the most optimal placement of location-based information maps throughout Toronto.

Data Science Bowl Preprocessing on AWS *

I use python multiprocessing to preprocess Lung CT Images efficiently on all available CPU cores on AWS compute instances.

Dstl Satellite Image Exploration on AWS *

An exploration of satellite images using AWS S3 and boto3 for the kaggle DSTL Satellite Imagery Feature Detection challenge.

* As a member of the University of Toronto Data Science Team (UDST).


Toronto Machine Learning Series Presenter — ‘Modern Agile for Machine Learning’

How machine learning teams can apply Modern Agile and Extreme Programming engineering principles to deliver high-quality, flexible and low cost-of-change ML projects that yield a net reduction in development time and production time.

Toronto Deep Learning Series Presenter — ‘Google BERT’

Technical presentation on state-of-the-art NLP model Google BERT

University of Toronto School of Public Health Guest Lecturer

Practical and theoretical methodologies for applying deep learning to real-world applications, including public health sciences, based on techniques employed in real-world contexts.

University of Toronto Teaching Assistant

MAT245: Mathematical Methods in Data Science: An introduction to the mathematical methods behind scientific techniques developed for extracting information from large data sets.

Honors & Awards

Name Year
3T0 M. & P. and Associates Scholarship 2018
Norman Stuart Robertson Scholarship in Mathematics 2017
Coexter Scholarship in Mathematics 2017
C.L. Burton Scholarships for Mathematics and/or Physical Sciences 2017, 2016
Third Place at HackOn(Data) 2016
NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award 2016 (UToronto)
2015 (UWaterloo)
Dr. James A. & Connie P. Dickson Scholarship in Science and Math 2015
University of Toronto Scholar
Joseph Alfred Whealey Incourse Scholarship
Howard Ferguson Provincial Scholarship 2014
2015*, 2016*, 2017*

* Renewed


Machine Learning Resources

A list of useful ML resources.

Book List

What I’ve read.



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